Police & Convicts Costume Accessories & Makeup

smf-23842-police-set-costume-cop-accessory-set-700Reach for the star of the sheriff, start the life’s ball and even chain with our collection of cop gear because now you can be in charge, unleash your secret dream of being the authority. If you are not so keen to achieve the authority then go for the cool convicts. You can be TNT while sporting convict costume along with amazing, dynamic convict entities. Almost for every occasion and event you can find out extensive collection of convict and cop accessories that can excite you. If you have zeal for adventure then you have definitely become excited while reading this. You will be able to spark an adventurous day with appealing cop equipment in order to make hot ensemble such as handcuff, necklace, earrings and sequin hat of cops that match with the rest of the costume, the look can be finished with the final touch of black-studded four inched heels and zebra-striped nails.

But if being the attractive cop is not what you like to sport then there are several other accessories from which you can choose the one that you desire to have. Have you ever think of imitating a grubby cop sporting aviator sunglasses, which can give the final touch. Or what about going robust and play the role of a sheriff and balance your stuff into cowboy hat that can be attributed as handsome. Are you thinking to craft out an adventurous activity for your friends and family then you can also find here what you require for a kid who is keen to have adventure, such as policeman belt that comes with complete radio, flashlight, cuffs and Billy club.

But without the presence of a goon the appearance of the cop will be paled down. Hence it would be really entertaining to have a convicted into the gathering. But we know that bad guy must be kept under strict surveillance and control hence try our adjustable and light weight shackles and fetters. And the look of the bad guy will remain incomplete without the presence of that big, signature moustache to hide his scornful look and Tommy-gun beneath the jacket.

You can buy all of the above mentioned funky convict, cop accessories and many more items in our collection. They are in-demand hence collect them before none is left for you.

Greek & Roman Costume Accessories & Makeup

Though it’s old fashioned but still toga party is admired and preferred by people when it comes to select the party format. This solely echoes the spirit of Roman and Greek civilizations; can you imagine a funnier incident than entering into a party or roaming into the town wearing an outfit like Greek Aristocrat or Roman senator. Aside of the size of gathering and who are attending it, you must consider few other things as well to be the best dressed man in that party. To complement the look you need Roman and Greek accessories.

These differently designed costumes will certainly provide you a complete look by providing perfect finishing touch and surely the other guests will miss that charm due to the absence of those accessories in their makeup. These inexpensive costumes are the fine lines between looking simple, ordinary and wearing the most eye-catching costume. In order to complete the look sandals are also significant. But bulky, larger sandals will not harmonize with the look and moreover flip flops will not be a foil as well. Instead you must have the strapped up sandals that can be attached around the ankle and enfolded up your calf. These traditional sandals were commonly worn by the people of that bygone era and also can be the perfect appendage to wardrobe.

Angel & Devil Costume Accessories & Makeup

During this event of the year, people like kids and adults go around trying hard to be of (or worst) social attitude. If you happen to be one of these people, then you should have the idea of dressing the role. With the right accessories and the perfect makeup, you can let loose your inner style. The angels and devils are a lot better accessories almost significantly to lavish your look. Be it or not they’re wearing their white long robes, it’s not enough for guardian angel without their guardian halo. They also bent in upon their wings to zap between clouds, so you may desire to try on some of those for yourself. Again, this depends on the type of supernatural being you are; you might strive for a sword or musical instrument.

Devils are in no way different in their reliance upon accessories, and the horns are a dead dredge, even when you are dressed Prada. In addition with the awry pair of some monster collection this can make for a great idea, making you to flying about the sky to whisper into your victim’s ear before you snap at them. You might also desire to let your scary devil tail hang out through, which is a cool touch. Of course, you would need your faithful pitchfork, used to poke about pick at your prey around. Above all these highlights, there are some cooler touches to add a perfect gruesome effect. A blonde or silver wig paired with golden makeup will definitely let you brighten up the glee. And the, dark black hair and flushed face depicts his where about. An Angelic smoothed out eyebrows or a wicked long goatee will add the final touches.

Some wonderful and terrible times – some more dreadful than others. It don’t matter if you’re young or old, dressing the part is more the fun. Luckily, these accessories and makeup are so much easier.

Clown Costume Accessories & Makeup

s-l225Clown Costume, too common you say? Yes many people at a party may dress like a clown but with the large variety of different clown options available, you are bound to stand out. With so many Clown accessories and options for you to add to your costume, every look will be different, some scary clowns and some happy clowns! Being different from the rest of the crowd is easy once you see all the different clown options we have available for you to choose from. One of the main features of being a clown is the type of make up you choose, the colors and scheme you go with. Everyone wants to be the cool clown at the party and with a blank canvas, the ideas and designs are endless.

Many start off with white paint as a base and add different colors to add design to the canvas.

Now you have the white face down, time to start looking at the rest of your options. Red nose perhaps, that is one of the most popular clown trademark ideas. Other colors can be used for the nose, ears, eyebrows and the mouth outline. Face make up all done? Let’s move on to the unique accessories that clowns play with, starting from large scissors to horns to honk, big clown shoes and the famous colorful wig. Not enough you say, well you can always add more tools like the flower toy or the rubber chicken. All these great clown accessories work great to complement any type of clown costume.

Nurse Costume Accessories & Makeup

Nurses have always been an original costume in the Halloween party world and Glendale Halloween is here to help you be the prettiest or sexiest nurse you have ever wished to be. Nurse outfits are simple but at the same time, very fun costumes to wear with all the great options and accessories we have to offer. Some prefer to be a sexy nurse, some like to be a regular nurse with their husband being a doctor to complete their couples costume. Nurse accessories also are great to go with your costume. Some of the options available include a stethoscope, a doctors mirror, a fake needle, a nurse purse, a first aid kit and a cute nurse cap. Another choice would be to wear a sexy nurse costume with the shorter dresses and Nurse thigh high stockings to give your self an attention grabbing look at any Halloween party. Eyelashes, white gloves and fake nails are a great add on to any sexy costume.

Pirate Costume Accessories & Makeup

HAL_2013_PIRATENo matter what kind of pirate you are planning to dress up as, without proper accessories, it simply cannot work and it will just fall dead in water. It is necessary for a raider to have a way of defending himself. The sword and pistol are necessary and without the two, you will simply be an individual wearing fancy clothes. With the sword and pistol hanging from the belt you are a step close to ruling the seas. Oh! And you will also need a hat. Long days on your ship at sea, the sun is sure to become very bright and hot. You need the three cornered hat to keep the sun from your face. Without the hat you will be facing the bright sun while digging for treasuring and while fighting against the enemies. Hat is a necessity of every good pirate. You can always include bandana in order to cover the hair under your hat. It will help to keep the hat sweat free and also will keep you more comfortable.

You already know that without gold, a pirate is only a poor man on boat. A pirate’s life revolves around searching for treasure and plundering others. A wealthy pirate will show off the gold which he found on his endeavors. What better way to show-off then a gold necklace or some gold rings. All these pirate accessories will help to complete the costume and make you look like a real pirate.


Harry Potter Costume Accessories & Makeup

We have a variety of Harry potter Costume accessories & makeup. You can find from a variety of adornments which will make any kid look like a wizard worth of the wand. Every wizard has a wand and you should also have one. You can find right one for your type of magic from the wide selection which ranges from Harry’s novice wand to Hermione’s expert level wand. There is a light at end of Harry’s wand and includes e exciting sounds that are activated with motion. Don’t forget to wear a tie, to prove that you are a disciplined Hogwarts student. You can purchase a tie that goes along the wizard’s cloak. A matching scarf will help you to bring out true wizard in yourself, and of course a Hedwig, snowy owl companion is necessary. Show the spirit of Hogwarts with banner of schools crest, when you go to the quidditch match, or when you go for golden snitch riding on the magic broomstick of yours. Harry’s signature glasses are necessary to complete his costume, so make sure you buy one. In case you are not a fan of Harry, you can rather step into the Azkaban Prison with Dementors. In that case you can get the Dementor hands which are available in children as well as adult sizes.

Whether you dress up as Dementors, Hermione, Harry Potter or anyone else, you will find all the accessories needed for your wizarding world right here. In case you are a fan of the Flava Falvs famous show Flava of Love, we have many jewelry accessories from the show like his dollar sign ring and clock necklace. Even the items from recent movies such as Man of Steel are available. No matter which character you wish to become, we have the accessories like jewelry to help you become your favorite character.

Instead of watching your favorite characters from hit films and TV shows, try being them for a day. Since there are so many of them, it can be tough to choose who you will become, but hopefully the TV and Movie Jewelry set will help you to decide. When you will be able to perfectly fit in the character by the help of even the smallest pieces of jewelry which you favorite character wears, everyone will be amazed and love to see you be that character.

Superhero Costume Accessories & Makeup

Dedication to details is what differentiates between good costumes and the great ones. Adding the superhero accessories will allow you to completely adopt the character and to have the complete personality of your favorite superhero. There are a number of options from which you can choose. No matter who your favorite superhero is, there are many add-ons that will surely make your superhero experience super fun. In case you are a Captain America fan, a realistic shield of Captain America is available that will complete your Captain America uniform. You will definitely look apart when you will wear the authentic Captain America gloves with your shield. Without the necessary gear used by superheroes in movies, the uniform cannot be complete. An amazingly entertaining and fun superhero accessory is deluxe Spider Man web shooter. It can turn the costume of Spider Man into realistic version which the superhero wears in movies. So you’ll be all set to jump from one building to another while fighting against villains. Right extras will ensure that you are able to put away the bad guys.

When it comes to girls who are fans of Catwoman, the Cat woman gear is available and it will provide you with grace and the poise of the villainess. Of course girls can also save people and it should not be for boys only. After putting the accessories of your favorite female superhero you’ll be all set to save the day. You can find all the supplies of your favorite superheroes and start feeling like a superhero as you play with the friends when you are together next time.

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