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Clown Wigs

Clowns have entertained us for hundreds of years. The earliest documented history of a clown performing dates back to the ancient Roman and Greek theaters. Yes, the comic and often satiric characters are that old. But the concept underwent several transformations over the years. The English dictionary of course did not record the word ‘clown’ until much later, circa 1560. Through Shakespearean plays and Greek tragedies, modern theater and circum, the clown has become an inseparable part of our society at large. From the tall hats worn in the ancient days to the modern clown wigs, the appearances of clowns have also evolved substantially.

Today, clowns are recognized instantly by their unique attributes, and most of them have to do with the appearance. Clown wigs are what you would notice first. Then you may notice the makeup, the perennial smiles, the blushing and bright cheeks, the painted eyebrows and the overall costume. But what truly sets the mood are the clown wigs. Whether it is the simple bald top with crazy hair all around or the scary clown wigs with myriad colors and rather quaint sprouts of hair, clown wigs are integral to a clown’s costume and performance.

Clown wigs have been rather happy and entertaining in the past. But over the years, they have evolved. Some have become rather eerie or outright scary. Some clown wigs are terrifying and they are designed to be so. As our definition of entertainment undergoes a change and we continue to cherish new ways of being enthralled, the clown wigs are also evolving to satiate that change. Choose the traditional clown wigs, ala the Pennywise or go with some quaint designs featuring giant afro curls, opt for an evil jester or a scary wig, explore the plethora of choices and opt for one that would be perfect for your needs.

Rock Star Wig

rock star wigsThere was a time when rock stars were known for their long unkempt hair. Locks flowing down their foreheads, all the way to the shoulders and even beyond in some cases had become synonymous with being a rock musician. Whether you were a guitarist or a lead vocalist, it was all the same. From curly dense hair of Slash strumming his guitar atop a piano to Jon Bon Jovi singing atop a cliff, the genre of rock had become sensational with unique styles. Bare midriffs of lean and mean boys, leather pants, zipped jackets, headbands, sunglasses and tattooed physiques have often been integral to the appearance of a rock star.

Today is however a different era. While rock music continues to be popular, the perception of style has changed. Not many people sport the long hair look any more. This is the era of gels and short spiky hair. But truth be told, nothing was cooler than rock stars with their looks in the eighties and nineties. Everyone aspired to get onto the stage and strum the guitar like they did, bang heads like the musicians did and get the crowd to groove, swing and go crazy with their unforgettable compositions.

If you wish to don that look yourself, then you have rock star wigs at your disposal. You cannot grow your hair that long in a jiffy and you may not be able to carry it everywhere you go. You may look amazing enough with your present hairstyle but wouldn’t you want to transcend to an era that pretty much defined a substantial part of our cultural evolution?

Get some of the most fascinating rock star wigs, inspired by famous rock stars of the past and present or completely unique which would suit your physical appearance and how you play. Whether you are playing heavy metal at a Halloween party or you are on a tour, rock star  wigs can add that zing to your presence and performance.

Men’s Wigs

mens wigMen are not known for using hair extensions or many hair products. But it doesn’t mean that men cannot dress up, don a costume and grab all the attention. Men too can endorse style and become the star of any show. What one has to do is work a tad hard on the overall appearance. From choosing the right costume to the choice of men’s wigs, everything will play a pivotal role in determining the impact.

Men’s wigs are an easy way to become a showstopper. There are men’s wigs of all famous historical personalities, every major superhero and popular cartoon characters. Today, there are men’s wigs sporting the style and essence of television personalities, sportspersons and celebrities from various niche professions. All you have to do is select what kind of hairstyle you wish to sport and choose an appropriate men’s wig for the same.

Men’s wigs often come with beards and moustaches which go onto complete the look. You could be your favorite actor, sportsperson, politician or you can just be the local superhero donning a quaint but stunning hairstyle. Whether it is for a particular purpose or just for some fun, men’s wigs are the secret ingredient needed to spice things up. They are often the feather on the cap without which an entire appearance, however hardly worked on, can be a dud.

Women’s Wigs

womens wigWomen’s wigs serve myriad purposes. They could be purely aesthetic or to glam up, to don a special hairstyle for a particular occasion or just to have some fun. While there are more documented records of Victorian era men donning wigs, especially royalty, lords, dukes and noblemen, in little known records women’s wigs have also found some notable presence.

Modern women’s wigs can be purely a part of a costume. Some wigs are meant to make short hair look longer or just to facilitate a certain hairstyle. From Halloween costumes to themes parties, women’s wigs are integral to ever changing fashion. Long curly or dead straight styles, hot pink to natural shades, blue to sultry red, women’s wig come in myriad forms, styles, colors and of course prices. You could be a blonde one day and a brunette on another, a redhead for one night and you could sport some dark rustic locks on another.

Women’s wigs are fashionable, they could be worn for fun, with any costume, at parties or you could simply wear them to spice things up in your bedroom. The sheer versatility of women’s wigs available with us will ensure that you find the perfect match for any occasion you have in mind and your personal preferences.

Disney Wigs

Walt Disney changed many existing perceptions and facilitated the development of a few new ones. Fantasy can be clearly divided into two eras, one preceding Disney and the other after the princesses and princes were brought to life in pop culture.

Disney popularized many things, integral to which were costumes, pretty faces, noble characters and of course hairstyles. Every creation of Disney has been a fascinating work of art and yet the creations were so realistic. That is exactly what you can get from Disney wigs. While you may not be able to become a Cinderella or Snow White in the real world, that doesn’t take away your liberty to be like them, even if it is for one special occasion or just one random night.

Disney wigs are the easiest way to become whichever character you wish to play. You may or may not get the elaborate costumes. You may or may not be of the ideal age. You may not have a Halloween knocking on the door. There is no rule that says you cannot become who you wish to on any given day. A six year old girl doesn’t need a special day to feel like a princess. She can don a Disney wig and be Ariel. A mother of two doesn’t have to feel any less than a princess. She can get some Disney wigs and be her favorite character whenever she wants. More importantly, one can feel lively and vibrant, entertained and entertaining.

Disney wigs can make any normal event a grand affair. Whether you are out clubbing with your friends or you have a pajama party, whether you are trying to spice things up in your love life or the little girls in a family need some precious experiences, Disney wigs are an easy way to satiate your fantasies and those wishes or desires that every child harbors while young and then loses them as life happens.

Gothic Punk Wigs

vampire wig-minIt isn’t everyday that you get to dress up the way you like. The world is becoming more alienated from grandeur, chivalry and creativity is taking a backseat, excluding the realm of technology. Halloween is perhaps the only time when you can go out of your way, do something really different and yet be completely immune to being judged. Any other day or your typical parties and you cannot set a foot wrong. One small error with the selection of scarf, a wrong choice of shoes or just a mismatch of the colors in your dress and the whole fashion police force will come down heavily on you, almost berating you for gross misjudgment or lack of expertise.

So this Halloween, don’t let others dictate your choices. Don’t allow anyone to have any influence on what you choose to wear and you should rather don something that others wouldn’t even think of. That is where our gothic punk wigs come handy.

Not everyone can pull off a gothic costume. But if you can and if you are inspired enough, then you should not let the costume be without an appropriate wig. The worst thing you can do with any gothic themed costume is to go sans a wig.  An integral part of any punk or gothic style is the hair. Without it, you would be bearing a half baked style. You may opt for certain kinds of spikes, certain colors or you may go for something completely out of the world. There’s Adult Rocked Out Zombie Wig, Punky Pop Rock and many more which can be chosen based on the type of costume you have, the personality you wish to sport and what kind of event you are headed for.

Kids Wigs

$_57The world of kids’ wigs is much more diverse, interesting and satiating than that of the adults. The grownups are not complaining though because in any case a wig is more adaptable for a child than an adult. Kids have the luxury of donning almost anything and they would still look lovely. Grownups lose that luxury over time.

But that’s where the trouble begins. There are just so many kids’ wigs that you may get lost in the inventory and you may have to fight several battles to make a choice. Some kids are very decisive and they know what they want. But most kids are unsure. They are often influenced by their parents’ choices. With kids’ wigs, the parents aren’t very sure either. That is where a trial and error run can be very helpful.

Kids’ wigs can be anything from fairies to cartoon characters, mad scientists to animals, superheroes to Disney princes and princesses. If you have to take into account all the possibilities, then there are hundreds of kids’ wigs.

When you check out our inventory of kids’ wigs, bear in mind the needs of the costumes and also what may or may not look perfect on your kid. Consider the age, gender, height and structure while choosing the kids’ wigs. The size of the wig, the spread, the weight and the cosmetic attributes, all will have to suit your kid. You can randomly select a wig which will anyway make your kid look special but you need that perfect wig that will make your kid the star of the show.

Check out the red clowns, tiaras, blondes, mermaids and strawberry wigs for girls. Then there are the vampires, skeletons, witches and bald caps among others. There are funny kids’ wigs, scary ones, sweet ones and many customization wigs as well.

Wigs and Accessories

Wigs are an integral part of a costume. Unless you have the perfect natural hair to go with a certain costume, you should consider sporting a wig. A wig alone can make sure that your appearance stands out among all. But you should not just stop at wigs. You must consider one or more accessories as well.

Wigs often look better with certain accessories, one of the simplest being caps. You could sport a cap to keep your natural hair unaffected and so your wigs look perfectly authentic. You can highlight your wigs and costumes with the help of some colorful or nude colored caps. You may also get tiaras, hats or anything that you find suitable for the costume and the setting of the place where you are going.

One of the quintessential accessories for wigs is tape. Professional hairstylists use wig tape to make the look completely naturally. You don’t want the wigs to be obvious. With wig tape, you can make your wig look like your natural hair. This is how they do it in the movies and you can do it too.

There are many other wigs accessories you can try out. Such accessories will help you to personalize your appearance and style. You can get some clip-in hair extensions. They come in myriad sizes and various colors. You can add a tinge of color to your wig with such extensions. There are feathers, flowers, beads, hairpieces and many other accessories that can make you look gorgeous and the star of the party.