Celebrity Masks

celebrity masksWho wouldn’t like to look like their favorite actor or actress, singer or dancer, sportsperson or role model? Everyone has that one person or a few people that one aspires to become or is simply in awe of. Whether you are vulnerable to get swooned or you simply wish to be someone, whether you are fascinated by a celebrity or you want to just have fun at an upcoming party, sporting celebrity masks will make it possible.
There are endless celebrity masks to choose from. The inventory includes stars from the world of cinema, entertainment, media, sports, arts, music and even politics among others. You can very well be the President of the United States or you could be the hottest sensation in Hollywood right now.
Celebrity masks are of various types. The material it is made of, the nature of the imprint and the overall texture and appearance of the mask will vary. You can choose a material that you are comfortable with. It is needless to say that the more comfortable and flexible ones will be best suited as compared to the rigid celebrity masks. The quality varies of course so you must choose wisely.
When you consider celebrity masks, do consider wigs to go with those masks and you may also want to work on a costume and attitude. You don’t want to sport a celebrity mask with a wrong hairstyle or be yourself when you are supposed to act the part as well.

Officially Licensed Masks

There are certain characters in pop culture that are copyrighted. Everything associated with the character and the stories the characters are associated with are trademarked. In other words, the intellectual property rights are reserved by the creator or whoever has the ownership of the copyright. Production of anything related to these characters would be a violation of the trademarks and intellectual property rights. Not only would those products be of poor quality and unoriginal or inauthentic but they would be legally prosecutable. If you wish to get wigs, accessories or masks of such characters then you have to opt for official merchandise.
We have an inventory of official licensed masks for all popular characters from multiple mediums. Whether you are a staunch fan of Star Wars or you like certain video game heroes, you love a few horror characters or you like some superheroes, celebrities or iconic figures and figurines, we have officially licensed masks for all of them that you can obtain.
These official licensed masks are original merchandise. Thus, they are of the best quality that you can get. You wouldn’t be infringing on any intellectual property or copyright law when you buy these masks from us.
Let your inner fan have a field day with our officially licensed masks. Become an Iron Man or a Hulk, a Thor or a Batman, become Sith or Darth Vader, a storm trooper or Spock. No matter who your favorite character is, whether from comics or cartoons, video games or epic novels, you can get them in our collection.

Feather Masquerade Masks

urlMasquerade balls may be overly romanticized and mystified in pop culture, especially due to the manner in which they are presented in reel life, but they are indeed quite enticing. There is a degree of intrigue at masquerade balls that cannot be ignored. No matter who you are, the uncertainty of the unknown would always thrill you. But take away the feather masquerade masks and the whole ballgame becomes less indulgent.
Masquerade balls are known for many reasons. The costumes, the dances, the chivalry, the food, the drinks, the music, the ambience and of course the people, every element of such a gathering is quite spellbinding but feather masquerade masks are the absolute quintessential ingredient for the recipe.
Check out our collection of feather masquerade masks and you would be transported back in time, all the way to the fifteenth century when such events were at their ethereal best. There are dedicated inventories of feather masquerade masks for men and women. There are those that come with a stick so you can wear them whenever you want and take them off whenever you feel like. There are those that are consistently worn on the face and you can hide your identity or at least your face throughout the evening. Also known as Venetian masks, the feather masquerade masks can be as simple as black and white or golden. They could also be some elaborate piece of art with ribbons, sequins and laces.

Scary Masks

blurp-charlie-mask-minAlmost every child has taken up a piece of paper, pierced two holes on top on either side for the eyes and another one at the bottom somewhere in the middle for the mouth and have used it as a mask to try and scare someone in the family. Some more pragmatic kids have also made additional holes for the nostrils and some are creative enough to have a piece of thread or lace to wear it neatly. Some kids paint the masks as well. The worst hit are the younger siblings, especially the toddlers and the parents simply act as scared to make the kiddies happy.
When one grows up, the simple old paper doesn’t do the trick. While the element of surprise has to be there in any horror scene, you need to get better with the quality of scary masks you put on. That is where our inventory of scary masks comes in.
Whether it is Halloween or a drama at school, a prank on some friend or just an odd evening at home, wearing scary masks and going after someone or waiting for someone can be amazing fun. You could go with the extremely popular Scream scary masks that have now become a classic. You could get zombie scary masks or one inspired from the countless horror movies made over the years. From scary masks sporting bruises, cuts and blood oozing out to those that have sewed skin and more, the world of scary masks can be eerie, horrifying, terrifying, petrifying and can be gross at times as well. But all is fair in the name of horror and fun.

TV & Movie Costume Masks

A costume is relatively incomplete without a mask. There are some costumes that don’t have a mask but most popular ones do. If you think about the various favorite Halloween costumes then one of the first things you would recollect is the masks. Often, the mask is what people remember and not the costume. But the latter is also quintessential.
When it comes to costume masks, the most popular are ones directly drawn or inspired from television and movies. What you see on celluloid or on your little box at home has a bearing on how you would want to present yourself. From masquerade balls to costume parties, television and movie characters have always made for some amazing masks.
We bring to you a massive collection of TV & movie costume masks. You can pick a scary one, a serious or a goofy one, choice is yours. We have masks for adults and kids, for staunch fans and for those who are not really voracious followers of any cult. You could opt for an Imperial Guard or Storm Trooper mask; you can be Darth Vader or Chewbacca. Be Batman or his nemesis Bane. You can also be Joker or a Superman. From Hulk to Iron Man, Freddy Krueger to Michael Myers, Frankenstein to Alien, Smurfs to Predator, Angry Birds to Flintstones, Simpsons to the tin man or scarecrow, the inventory is as diverse as it can be.

Venetian Mask

Venetians masks are quite old. They have been around for almost half a millennium and through all this time, they have remained relevant and have evolved as well. The modern Venetian masks are not very different from the medieval ones because certain aesthetics are maintained and some inspirations are still popular but you do get some influences of modern art and culture.
Our collection of Venetian masks is loaded and it is unlikely that you will not find what you want. You can get the bauta style masks which will conceal your entire face. You can opt for the Columbian style which will cover half of your face or you would have to use a stick to hold the mask in its place. Both are extremely popular but for very different reasons. From the iconic beaked mask emulating the plague doctor to some really unique designs, you can go all out experimenting with Venetian masks or you can play it safe with some common design.
Our Venetian masks will transport you to Venice during the Carnival or to New Orleans on Mardi Gras. You can opt for minimalist designs or you can get some flashy and grand styles. You can opt for a host of accessories, from gems to fringes, feathers to sequins. Opt for bright colors or contrasting shades, choose the material you like and one that would go with your costume. Stand out at the next party with our Venetian masks without any effort whatsoever.

President Masks

presendential maskDo you wish to become the president of the United States? Not actually of course but just for some time by donning a mask? Regardless of your political affiliation or opinion and whether or not you are actively interested or involved in politics, you can have some fun by donning one of the many president masks.
Harmless fun and humor would always be entertaining. And when our past presidents have given us enough reason to make fun of their times and reigns, why shouldn’t we indulge in a bit of merrymaking at their expense? It is not that they would get to know anyway. Even if they did, they too would possibly have a hearty laugh right now.
President masks are always relevant. As long some president goofs up or messes up a policy, gets embroiled in legal tangles while in office, says or does something rather embarrassing or ends up being a target of the memes of the day, there will be something funny and enjoyable that you can do with president masks.
In our collection you would find all the popular president masks. From Richard Nixon to Bush, Clinton to others, we assure you that not one moment would be dull when you don these masks.

Domino Masks

Domino masks are among the simplest and yet most popular of all masks. They are extremely affordable because of their simple designs and the lack of frills or accessories. But don’t underestimate these masks due to their simple appearance. Domino masks can make for some of the most intriguing costumes. Whether you want to appear as some happy character or someone truly terrifying, the domino masks can help you get there.
The biggest advantage of domino masks is the fact that you can tweak the costume or come up with any kind of dress you want. There is no restriction to what kind of costume or dress you can wear and there lies the freedom. Domino masks are ageless and they look good on women, men, adults, kids and the elderly. Domino masks are also suitable for any occasion. Whether it is Mardi Gras or a masquerade ball, a Venetian carnival or Halloween, a costume party or you simply wish to wear one while watching your favorite gangster film, domino masks are a perennial favorite.
Let your creativity show in your costume and even domino masks come in myriad shapes, shades and forms. But remember, don’t become a real Zorro and start messing up the neighborhood.