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Halloween Spirit – Jack-O-Lanterns

Why Do We Carve Jack-O-Lanterns on Halloween?


October is here. Chances are you will be heading to a local pumpkin patch very soon to choose the perfect pumpkin for your porch or walkway. You’ve probably been doing this for many years. But did it ever occur to you exactly WHY you do it? Here’s a little history about why we carve jack-o-lanterns.

The actual carving of a gourd began over 700 years ago, when the Maori used them for lanterns. The jack-o-lantern custom is believed to have begun in Ireland in the 19th century. These lighted gourds were carved with horrific faces and used to scare the spirits away from people’s homes. Sometimes they were used to frighten people as well. The festival of Samhain, as Halloween was known, was a very scary time to some and they did what they could to feel safe. The souls of the dead were said to roam the earth at this time, and the lighted gourds were supposed to keep them at bay.

Today, most people head to a Sherman Oaks Halloween store to pick up all their Halloween decorations and costumes, and to search for pumpkins as well. There are plenty of local farmers markets and stores where you can choose the perfect pumpkin for your special jack-o-lantern. Some people prefer tall skinny ones to make a stretched face. Others would rather have a short, fat pumpkin to make a rounded character. There are those expert pumpkin carvers who make extremely intricate carvings, or who do “scrapings” instead, where they scrape the outside skin from the pumpkin and have the light glow through the pumpkin itself.

No matter what your preference in this holiday tradition, you can find the perfect pumpkin to meet your needs. Add some gourds to your setting as well and make it extra spooky. And be sure to stop at the Glendale Halloween Store to find all your Halloween costumes and decorations. They have everything you need to get your house and yard in the Halloween spirit.

And you just might want to carve a few extra pumpkins to set around your house. Just in case.

Haunted house

Halloween Haunted Houses

Halloween Haunted Houses and Spooky Trails


Dressing up for Halloween is fun for all ages. Choosing your perfect costume can be a quick decision or it can take much planning and browsing for you to find exactly what you want to be for Halloween. When you head to a Halloween store close to Sylmar, you will be able to check out hundreds of costume ideas.

Planning an adventure to a local haunted house or scary trail attraction can add to your costume searching fun. Haunted houses always provide a wicked adrenaline rush. They will also give you some excellent costume ideas. When you are not having the pants scared off you, try and take in your surroundings. See what kind of theme the attraction is going with. Check out some of the actors and see if they are using masks or make-up. Choose one that you really like, or the one that scares you the most.

The same idea goes for haunted trails. These exciting outdoor attractions are usually themed with one main idea. Walk through a creepy haunted corn maze. Try and survive the killer at the summer camp. Make it to the other side of the graveyard full of zombies. Whatever the theme, you will be faced with many different characters trying to attack you while you make your way through. Once again, try and focus on what these characters are dressed as. Check out the costume work, make-up, and props. You can come away with some awesome Halloween ideas for your own decorating, along with some ghastly dress-up tips.

Searching for items at a Sherman Oaks Halloween store can make your holiday shopping easy. Glendale Halloween has all the costumes, masks, make-up and props you need to create your perfect holiday setting. They have decorations for inside and outside your home, as well as lights and fog machines to enhance your décor.

Don’t wait till all the good items are gone. Check your local Halloween store hours and head to Glendale Halloween today to find all the accessories you need. After all that “studying” of bone-chilling actors, you should be ready to become the perfect Halloween ghoul.

Trick or treating glendale

Scary Movies and Halloween Decorations

Do You Like Scary Movies?

Fall is upon us and Halloween costume stores by you are opening for the season. It’s time to head out and browse the selection of spooky decorations. Get some items to hang on the wall, like scary skeletons or ghastly ghouls. Find the perfect pumpkin. String some lights and illuminate some lanterns. And have a monster movie marathon!

Pop up some popcorn and start watching all your favorites. You can never go wrong with classics like “Night of the Living Dead” or even “The Blob”.  The “Halloween” series with Michael Myers is always good for a sleepless night. Or maybe you prefer Jason from the “Friday the 13th” series.

Be sure to pick up some props, make-up and masks while you are shopping at your favorite Halloween store close by. You can always exit the room during the showing and return with a mask on to scare your significant other.

The selection of horror movies to choose from is endless. Stephen King is the master of horror and has dozens of awesome flicks like “The Shining”, “Creepshow”, or “Silver Bullet”.  If you love vampires check out “Fright Night” for some hair-raising chills. “The Others” is a good ghostly haunt movie, and “Scream” is always a classic. If you prefer humorous scary, the “Scary Movie” series is always good for a laugh.

When I head to a costume store by me I not only check out what new popular costumes they have, but what the trending Halloween decorations are. I love to have the newest scary hanging decoration or lawn props to scare not only visitors, but I give myself a scare every once in a while when I forget they are there.

Whether you have a get together and watch movies in a group, do a date night with super scary theme, or just watch by yourself (which is the scariest of all), you have endless movie options to select from.

If you want a real edge of your seat thriller, check out “Don’t Blink”. This is definitely one you might not want to watch alone. But if you do, keep a light on.

Fog Machines

Best Halloween Decorations for 2016

The Best Halloween Decorations for 2016


October is only a day away! Time to start getting your decorations ready to deck out your house, garage, and yard. There are hundreds of different types of items you can use to ensure you have the creepiest house on your block.

If you need to find some awesome decorations for Halloween San Fernando Valley has the perfect store for you. Check out the wicked supply of items at Glendale Halloween. Start with some hanging decorations. The choices are endless as you browse the hanging skeletons, ghosts and vampires. Maybe you want to hang some bodies across your yard to make it extremely creepy. Hang a flying ghost on your clothesline to gently move as guests or trick-or-treaters walk by and watch their reaction!

You can find all sorts of insect and animal props that will make your skin crawl. Spiders, cockroaches, cobwebs and even rats are enough to make your guests look twice before they sit down.

When you head to a Halloween store close to you, you can find yard decorations that will frighten anyone who walks by. Check out the zombies crawling from their graves. The new Halloween animatronics available for Halloween are so lifelike they will even scare you! Creepy singing props, jumping creatures and all sorts of other lifelike items are sure to get your yard noticed.

You can make your entire yard a horrific graveyard scene with glowing eyes that watch every passer-by. Or you can go with the creepy killer clown theme. There are so many people afraid of clowns, you are sure to bring out some good scares.

If you want a more toned-down kids theme to your house or yard, Glendale Halloween can help you with that as well. Balloons, streamers and plenty of other kid-friendly decorations are available. Choose from happy pumpkins and not-so-scary skeletons for a more cheerful atmosphere.

Whatever your preference, your Glendale costume store will definitely have what you need. There are lights and special effects items as well to enhance whatever theme you choose. And don’t forget the music. No Halloween setting is complete without a spooky Halloween soundtrack to set the mood.


couples costumes

2016 Halloween Couples Costumes

Couples costumes are very popular on Halloween. Whether you and your partner are going to a friend’s party, heading to the contest at the club, or just hanging out at home scaring trick-or-treaters, the perfect costume is waiting for you.

Probably one of the most trending couples costume this year is the Clinton/Trump duo. Love them or hate them, everyone will know who you are, have an opinion, and you are sure to get attention. Make it fun and different by doing a live debate or stand-up comedy together.

If you need help from a Halloween store Burbank has the perfect place for your costume needs. Glendale Halloween can help you and your significant other be the perfect match for the evening.

Go classic with Batman and Robin or Superman and Supergirl. The Ninja turtles and Power Rangers are always popular. You can never go wrong with Star Wars Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker or the evil Darth Vader. Suicide Squad costumes are very big this year, so why not be Harley Quinn & the Joker? Or maybe you’d rather go as the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland? The possibilities are endless when you go for a couples or group costume.

If you prefer cartoon characters, you can always find items from the Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo and many others. You can even go as your favorite video game characters. Check out the huge selection at your Glendale costume store and you are guaranteed to find exactly what you seek.

Keep in mind that if for some reason you don’t find the characters you are looking for, there are hundreds of props, accessories and make-up items available to create whatever you want. Halloween t-shirts are always a last minute choice if you just can’t seem to agree on a costume.

Dressing as a couple or even a small group can be exciting. If you are at all timid about wearing a costume, sharing the experience with someone else can make it much more enjoyable throughout the evening. Check out the awesome Halloween couples costume ideas at a costume store close by, and get ready to have a Happy Halloween!

Boys Halloween Costumes

Boy’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Boys


Finding the perfect costumes for boys is easy. Having them choose only one is the hard part. If you head to a Glendale costume store, you will see that the possibilities are endless.

Superheroes are always big with boys. Choose from classics like Batman or Superman, to more current ones like the Power Rangers. Video gaming costumes are always popular, especially with Pokemon making such a big splash recently.

Sports costumes are always a great choice if your child loves baseball, football, or other sports. And what boy doesn’t love to be a wicked villain? There are plenty of movie, TV, and comic book villains to portray.

Let’s not forget that Halloween is a super scary time, so creepy horror costumes are always a good choice. Vampires, zombies, and grim reapers are always a big hit with boys. While you are checking out children’s costumes close by, why not browse the extensive collection of accessories as well?

Perhaps you can’t find the costume that suits your child. No problem. Glendale Halloween has a large selection of makeup, wigs, and other extras to create the perfect outfit. You can find swords and shields, among other weaponry, handcuffs, fangs and teeth, and pretty much any extra you would need to add to your look.

But don’t let your kids have all the fun. Your Halloween store by Glendale Galleria also has plenty of things for adults to get in the spirit as well. Costumes and accessories of all types ensure that everyone can find exactly what they need.

You can also find all the decorations needed to get your house, yard, or garage ready for a hauntingly fun night. You can keep it mellow for the little ones, or go all out and scare the daylight out of everyone. After all it is Halloween.

Glendale Halloween can outfit everyone in the family. Find baby and toddler outfits, teen outfits and even adult costumes of every kind. Let your boys be the best dressed kids on the block this year by taking them to a Glendale costume Shoppe this Halloween.

girls halloween costumes

Girl’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Girls


Little girls love to dress up. Halloween is the perfect time to expand their ideas and let them be whatever they want to be. Pulling things out of Mom or Dad’s closet to play is always fun. But finding costumes, make up and accessories from a Halloween store close by can be very exciting!

Maybe your little one wants to be a fairy princess. Glendale Halloween has all the props you need to help her become royalty! Wands and tiaras, feather boas and long flowing hair. Let your little girl feel beautiful with all kinds of jewelry, and fancy gloves! The possibilities are endless. All the items you need for costumes Glendale stores have.

Your little one can be a fairy tale character, a star from her favorite TV show or movie, or even a video game icon.

Girls can be Doctors or nurses, Firefighters or Football players as well.  Choose from a variety of different costumes to find what best suits your little one.

Having problems picking the perfect outfit? No worries. Let them browse the accessories and wigs and create their own persona. You can find wigs of all lengths and colors. Hats for every outfit. Capes galore and even tutus area available for you. There are plenty of masks to choose from, or if you don’t want to worry that your child can’t see well in a mask, check out the large selection of make-up and design a unique face for her.

A Glendale costume store is the place to find all your Halloween needs. Glendale Halloween has costumes for your baby or toddler, as well as costumes for your teenager. Let them keep with the trends with Harry Potter, Beyonce, or even Katy Perry. You can find costumes for your children no matter what their age.

Whether they are just going trick or treating, or attending a local party, the perfect costume is ready and waiting. Halloween is a scary, spooky time, so don’t feel bad if your beautiful girl wants to be a horrible, disfigured monster! This is a good time to let them realize beauty isn’t everything. Monsters need love too!


DIY Halloween Costumes 2016

Making Your Own Halloween Costume

Sometimes you just can’t seem to find exactly the costume you are searching for. Maybe you are entering a contest or hosting a party and just want something different or unique. Head to a Halloween store close to you and you are sure to find everything you need to create the vision you have.

Glendale Halloween has all the accessories you will need to transform yourself into your alter-ego for the night. Check out the selection of Halloween wigs to give you the look you desire. They have mens, womens and children’s wigs to perfect any outfit.

Check out the wide selection of masks, including scary masks, funny masks or even the popular presidential masks. If you don’t want to be hot or feel trapped in a mask, just make your own special facial transformation.

You can find an extensive supply of make-up for Halloween at your Glendale costume store. Choose from cream makeup, liquid latex, spirit gum or even prosthetics to completely alter your appearance. Sometimes choosing the perfect mask or deciding on your makeup can be the beginning of creating your whole costume. Once your face is transformed, you can decide what you need to complete your look. Sometimes the perfect costume is available. Other times you will do better by creating your own look with different props and accessories you find. Take your time and browse to see what works best for you. Our Halloween store hours are daily from 11am to 8pm for your convenience.

Whatever you decide, Halloween is the perfect time to be someone else. Or some THING else. Play the part. If you choose to be a creepy Jason or Michael Myers character, stay IN character. Remember, Michael Myers never talked. Walk around in silence, very slowly, and just stare at people while tilting your head. You will freak people out! If you choose to be a presidential candidate, mingle through the room and shake hands and hand out flyers or buttons. Be the part and convince people that you ARE your character. It will make your costume, and you evening, so much more enjoyable for you and everyone around you.

halloween strobe lights

Halloween Store Hollywood

Make Your Yard a Ghostly Haunt


Halloween is around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about decorating your yard. When I am ready to do this I head to a Halloween store near me to find things I need. You can start with plenty of items you may already have on hand.  Get some old sheets, pillowcases, t-shirts, nightgowns, or any other articles of clothing that you think you can create something frightening with. You can use a milk jug for a head, or a balloon if you can hang your ghost from the top of the head.

Use smaller pillowcases and t-shirts for baby ghosts. They can be stuck into the ground with a long stick in the middle. Hang ghosts from trees in your yard, from your porch, or clothesline. You can direct lights onto your ghosts from the yard or even use glow sticks inside their heads to make them eerie.

Check out the nearest North Hollywood Halloween store for plenty of decorating ideas, props and other yard items. You can find gravestones to place around your spooky ghosts, or make a ghostly graveyard with a fog machine in the middle of it to create a ghastly walk through for your trick or treaters.

Make a pumpkin patch with spooky jack-o-lanterns alongside your graveyard, or make luminaries out of bags that have ghostly images on them.

Glendale Halloween has all the items you need to create the perfect ghostly haunt in your yard. Animated props that will move when your visitors pass by are sure to get a rise out of them. The longer your walkway is the more terrifying you can make the entrance for your visitors. Enhance the terror by setting up some haunting music that fills your yard with fright.

Remember if you need a good costume store Hollywood has one nearby for you to check out. Don’t let the ghosts have all the fun. Be sure to get your own costume so you can join in the fun and surprise your visitors. After all it is Halloween. Everyone deserves a good scare.


Boys Halloween Costumes

Halloween Pumpkin Season

Halloween Pumpkin Season! It’s Official!!  Fall is Here!!


Happy Autumn to you! Or Fall, if that is what you prefer to call it. Either way it brings cooler sweater weather, fuzzy flannel weather, comfy jeans and boots weather, and best of all HALLOWEEN! Yes it’s time to start thinking about that wonderful, scary holiday again. If you need some ideas getting into the mood, just head to a Halloween store nearby and check out all the awesome Halloween costume ideas.

Popular Costumes for 2016 include the Mad Hatter Costume, popular from the latest movie “Alice through the Looking Glass.” You can find Suicide Squad Costumes, Superheroes like Batman or Superman, and plenty of children’s costumes as well.

Fall is perfect for redecorating your home for the season. Personally, I like to change my candles into my fall themed ones, change my table placemats from the colorful summer ones to the beautifully colored fall leaves. Change your bedspread or couch throws for some that help you move into the new season. This wonderful transition into fall will help you be ready to start thinking about Halloween!

Some places have pumpkins for sale already. If you want to see what kind of fantastic decorations and costumes you can find, look no further than the Halloween store close to Burbank. Glendale Halloween carries all your must-have costumes, masks, wigs, accessories and of course plenty of decorations. Browse our selection and you are sure to find everything you need. Not sure on a costume? Check out the masks and wigs and create your own. You can come up with something unique and win a prize at that costume contest!

Making your home or yard spooky is easy when you check out all the frightfully wicked props available to you. You can find body parts of all sorts. Inflatable decorations such as vampires and spiders make a creepy atmosphere. Hanging bodies, holograms or paintings can make any walkway or yard hair-raising!

Halloween store hours are 7 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm. So stop in now and gather everything you need for a bone-chilling holiday.