Holiday Christmas Costumes

Popular Christmas Holiday Costumes

Is it already December? Where did the year go? Halloween Season may be over but Costumes are available year round for all holiday events. After Halloween season, Christmas is our busiest costume season of the year. Christmas costumes are very popular among children and adults. Children love to dress up as Santa or as Elves for the holidays, whether it is for school events, family photo shoots, Christmas cards to send out to friends or relatives and many others uses. Our baby infant Santa costume is a must have for moms with newborn children. Our holiday costumes include baby Santa, baby Turkey for thanksgiving, baby gingerbread man and baby elves. Elf on the shelf is always a popular trend for the holidays so we offer that costume as well for our jolly holiday fans.  Glendale Halloween also works with many schools and organizations in providing them with the costumes they need for their holiday parades and school activities. Even the Americana at Brand has a Santa house where children of all ages go to visit Santa and take a picture on Santa’s lap, and we rent costumes for them to use for this photo shoot. Halloween stores near you are working very hard to keep up with all seasonal requests from our clients, and as soon as the Christmas and New Year holidays pass, we will start preparing our Cupid Costumes and other special accessories for Valentines Day followed by our green shelf full of St Patrick’s day costumes and accessories. The Halloween store in Glendale is here to help with all types of costume events and fulfilling your unique ideas for your party needs. We will also be at the Montrose Christmas parade this weekend on Honolulu Ave celebrating the Christmas festivities with the thousands of people from Glendale and Burbank in attendance. Stop by and say hello and share your favorite ideas with our staff. Our Burbank Halloween store and Glendale Costume Shoppe love hearing great ideas from our loyal customers!



Holiday Christmas Costumes

Last Minute Halloween Costume Shopping

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Tomorrow is the day you’ve been waiting all month for! HALLOWEEN!! I’m sure you are well prepared and ready to celebrate the holiday! What? You still aren’t ready? Don’t fret. There’s still time to do whatever it is you need. The first thing you need to do is to head over to the nearest Halloween costume store. If you haven’t yet chosen a costume, browse the huge selection of costumes and something will surely strike you as the perfect choice for you.

If you are just super choosy and still don’t see anything you like, then whip up your own last minute costume. There are hundreds of props, wigs and masks available to create whatever look you decide to go with. People come up with all sorts of last minute ideas. Such as covering yourself with white balloons and being a person in a bubble bath, or using purple or green balloons and being a bunch of grapes. Get yourself some pom-poms and put a sign on your chest that says “Go Ceiling” and you become a ceiling fan. There are plenty of silly last minute “punny” ideas to use.

Glendale Halloween can help you find what you need to be ready for tomorrow’s festivities. They have costumes for everyone in the family. Including your pet! Don’t let Fido be left out of the fun. Pet costumes have become almost as popular as the human ones. Your pet can be a superhero, princess, cowboy, pirate, or whatever you think fits their personality. Bring them along for trick-or-treats so everyone can see their adorable costume. Or let them help you greet guests who come to your door.

Other quick last minute costume ideas include wearing all white and running black electrical tape down your arms and legs to make a stick person. Use a stick head circle mask to complete the outfit. Go in your pajamas for a super warm, comfy outfit and just be a lazy sleepyhead. Or slick back your hair, throw a black cape on and put some fake fangs in and you can be a vampire.

Whatever you choose to dress as, be sure to have a safe, hauntingly scary Halloween!

Fog Machines

Halloween Haunted House Maze

Spectacular Halloween Displays

Halloween is right around the corner! Most people have all their decorating finished and are patiently awaiting the big night. Many of them headed to a Halloween store near Glendale Galleria to find everything they needed for their display.
Take time out of your last minute plans to check out some of the hard work people have done. If you drive around your neighborhood, or the neighboring areas, you are sure to find some fantastic Halloween displays. Some yards are done with animatronic props, music, lighting and awesome ghostly effects that will blow your mind!
Plenty of them are worth stopping and browsing the hard work that is done. Most people don’t mind, in fact that’s what they want you to do! Just remember not to trespass or bother any of their display. But pictures are almost always welcome.
Some of your local Halloween costume shops may also have awesome displays to see. They want you to see what you can make your own yard or house look like, so they will set up a large variety of their most haunting props and animatronics for you to check out. It’s worth a trip to the store!
And it’s not too late to check out the costume selections while you are there. If you still haven’t decided what you want, or your kids are being super picky, check out the variety of ideas at a costume shop nearby.
Adults can find anything from a 70s hippie costume to a Star Wars character. Children can browse through mermaids, superheroes, muscle men and fairy princesses!
And if you decided to throw a last minute party, you can find all the decorations, lighting and props you need to scare up some fun. Include things like black lights or fog machines in your yard for super scary effects.
Whatever your needs are, Glendale Halloween will be glad to help you find the perfect items for your Halloween adventure. Head over today to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting Halloween items available to you. And be sure you and your

boys costumes

Halloween Store in Glendale

Only 3 Days Until Halloween!!!


As the final approach to Halloween is ahead, this is your time to decide if you are ready for this awesomely spooky, fun holiday. Are you going to stay home and delight trick-or-treaters with some delicious candies? Are you throwing a ghastly get together with friends and family? Or are you headed out on the town for some scary happenings?

Depending on your answer, here are some last minute tips to help you be ready. If you are staying home to answer doorbells and hear the call of “trick-or-treat”, be sure you head to a Halloween store nearby to make sure you have all the decorations you need. Light your walkway to keep your visitors safe with some lighted path markers. Place some animated props around to give them a good scare when they pass by. Use a fog machine to make your porch a creepy fun place to walk through. This will assure you that word gets around to send other visitors your way. Some awesome candy bars will help as well.

Throwing a monsterific party? Be sure to plan your finger food menu ahead of time so you can have some ghostly snacks to hand out to your guests. Make a “blood” punch in your witch’s cauldron to serve guests. Set the lighting and have some scary sound effect music on hand to give your party a wonderfully haunting atmosphere.

Too much work for you? No problem. Just head to a costume store near Glendale Galleria and find the costume that best suits your mood for the evening. Whether you are in a humorous mood, or just want to scare the pants off people, you can find whatever costume you seek. Pair up with a friend and do a couples costume, or check out the group costumes and you can all go together!

Whatever your choices are for celebrating this Halloween, just don’t wait until the last minute only to find that everything you need is already sold out. Head to the closest costume shop now and be sure to be ready for all the exciting happenings! And have a spooky Halloween!!

halloween lighting

Special Lighting for Halloween Events

Mood Lighting for Halloween


Halloween approaches quickly. Only SIX days left to finish all your preparations.  Head to a Halloween store close to Burbank and pick up all the accessories you need to decorate for your guests or trick-or-treaters.

Setting up a creepy walkway for your guests is quick and easy with the right supplies. Pick up some strings of lights and place them along your walkway or sidewalk. Hang some lights in trees or bushes. Place some colored stakes or glowing lamps around your porch. All of these things make for an exciting entrance to your home.

If you would rather not use candles for your jack-o-lanterns, there are other types of lights you can use inside to give them a spooky glow. You don’t have to worry about the wind blowing them out, and they will last a lot longer in case you leave to take the kids trick-or-treating. You can rest easy that there will not be a fire while you are gone as well.

Glendale Halloween has all the items you need for Halloween. You can set up your yard with strobe lights for a haunting effect, or just put some black lights or other lighting around your props. Use animatronic decorations to give your guests that extra scare they want on Halloween. These devices will move, or even jump out at your unknowing passer-by for that “gotcha” effect!

Use pathway markers for an awesome effect. You can find all sorts of creepy pathway markers at Halloween time. Wall sconces are perfect if you have a fence around your yard, or you can set up some candelabras on your porch. You can also use projection lights to direct spooky scenes onto the side of your house, garage, or even on some trees in your yard.

While you are shopping, check out the awesome supply of popular costumes for 2016. From political, to movies and video games, all your favorite character costumes can be found. Costumes for kids and adults alike can be found at your local Halloween costume store. Check them out today! And have a safe, spooky Halloween!

toddler Costumes

Halloween Fun Toddler Costumes

Don’t let your Baby miss out on the Halloween Fun

Only 8 days to go until All Hallow’s Eve! Though it is traditionally a scary themed holiday, don’t let that keep you from getting your babies and toddlers into the fun. Personally, I have seen hundreds of children’s costumes near me at a variety of Halloween themed stores. You can find plenty as well.
Imagine your baby as a cute animal like an elephant or a lion. Dress them like a pumpkin or even superhero. Or go all out crazy and make your baby a hot dog! There are so many cute and silly costumes for your baby on Halloween. Movie characters, storybook favorites or fairy tale princesses are all available for your baby.
If they are past the baby stage, no problem. Glendale Halloween has plenty of toddler costumes as well. Let them choose from their favorite movie, tv show or video game and become their idol. Maybe your little girl is the next singing star? Let her dress as one. Or perhaps your boy wants to be a firefighter or a doctor. You can find all these ideas plus so many more.
If you have trouble finding the perfect character for your baby or toddler, do not fret. Check out the awesome supply of masks, make-up and accessories to create anyone they want to be. Choose from a selection of capes, hats and wigs. And don’t forget the props! Your local Halloween store has a wide variety of swords, shields, wands, and whatever else your child needs to complete their look.
While you are picking out your child’s outfit, why not check out something for yourself and join in the fun? Glendale Halloween has costumes for adults, couples costumes and even group costumes. You can also find all the decorations, animatronics and lighting you need to bring Halloween into your house or all around your yard.
Don’t wait till all the good costumes are gone! Head to a costume store near Sherman Oaks and browse the awesome selection of Halloween items available to you. And be sure to have a super fun Halloween!

boys costumes

Boys Costumes for Halloween

The Perfect Boys Costume for Halloween


Trick or Treat time is getting closer! Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure your kids are dressed in the perfect spooky, amusing or popular costume this year. Glendale Halloween has everything you need to outfit all your kids.

They carry costumes for everyone young and old alike. You can find boys costumes of all kinds to suit your child’s needs. Whether they want to be a classic superhero like Superman or Spiderman, or current movie heroes like Thor and X-Men, you can find what they need at a North Hollywood Halloween store.

Dress them as their favorite TV character, such as Phineas and Ferb, or one of their movie favorites like characters from Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers. They can also be a character from their favorite video game like Mario or Donkey Kong. The possibilities are endless!

If you have browsed all the Halloween costumes close by and your child still can’t make up his mind, try letting them use their imagination to create their own costume. Check out the awesome supply of masks, make-up and accessories to transform them into who or whatever they want to be.

And just like girls need their accessories, boys need their props. Glendale Halloween has swords, guns and holsters for your little fighter. Shields and helmets are a must to protect them in battle.  If they want to play the good guy, they will definitely need some handcuffs to lock up the evil ones. Or they may just need gloves to become a ninja turtle or skeleton.

Hats are also needed for perfecting their look. Whether they want to be a magician and need a black top hat or they need a Viking helmet or pirate hat, you can find what you are looking for at Glendale Halloween.

Head to your local Halloween costume store and let your child’s imagination run wild as he decides which character he most wants to be for Halloween. While you are there don’t forget to check out the adult costumes as well. Have a spooky Halloween!

Halloween Attractions

Best Haunted Attractions for Halloween

The Best Haunted Attractions for Halloween


Goblins and Witches and Monsters galore! Halloween time is here again. Chances are by now you have already headed to a Halloween store by Glendale Galleria and found all your costumes and accessories. If you have not decorated yet, there is still plenty of time. Whether you will be home entertaining guests or out and about enjoying the spooky festivities, make sure you check out your local haunts for some extra horror-filled fun.

Most areas have at least one or two good haunted attractions you can visit. If you live in an area like Glendale, there are literally dozens of choices around you. Some attractions are outside walks through the woods or hayrides with plenty of ghouls along the way. Other areas set up inside haunted houses for you to walk through.

Today’s Halloween attractions have come a long way from haunted houses of the past. Once you enter these venues you will not only find plenty of live monsters waiting to scare the pants off of you, but plenty of animatronics that look extremely lifelike. The sights and sounds you encounter on your way through the creepy hallways and different rooms will definitely make your hair stand on end.

Some major theme parks do special events in October where they make the entire park into a blood-curdling Halloween attraction. You will encounter creepy creatures all through the park, and find plenty of outdoor walk-throughs and mazes as well as indoor asylums, laboratories and hotels.

Haven’t yet decided where to find a costume? Head to Glendale Halloween for everything you need. They have men’s, women’s, children’s and toddler costumes as well as couples or group ideas. You can find masks and make-up to design your own masterpiece. All the props you need to decorate your house and yard, as well as any lights or other accessories can all be purchased here.

Don’t wait till all the good items are gone. Head to a local Halloween costume shop now to get ahead of the crowd and find everything you need to have a super spooky Halloween!

Decorate for Halloween

Spirit of Halloween

The Smells and Sounds of Halloween

We have passed the halfway point of the month as we continue to creep towards Halloween. Fall is in the air, and stores are full of Halloween excitement. I know plenty of Halloween costume stores near me are open and ready to help you plan your perfect Halloween event.
What helps you get into the spirit of the season? Is it the delicious smells of pumpkin pie and cookies? Perhaps the roasting of pumpkin seeds? Or simply the comforting scent of candles and wax melts that bring the season closer.
Plenty of scary sounds can be heard as well. If you decorate with animated Halloween props you will hear all kinds of spooky groans, screams and eerie wailing coming from your home or yard. Door-knocker type decorations are great for getting in the Halloween mood. Just push the button and you will hear creaky doors, haunting bell chimes and ghastly laughs.
Everyone has their own special way of getting into the Halloween mood. My personal favorites are pumpkin smells from baking, and wax melts with fall scents like campfire or Autumn forest. But I think the best Halloween snack, besides the candy of course, are fresh baked pumpkin seeds. If you have never done this, it is super easy. The results will be worth it. Especially if you have only ever tasted bagged, store bought seeds. (yuck!)
First you need a pumpkin. (you probably figured out that part already). Check your local pumpkin patch. Open your pumpkin up and scoop the guts out, which you will probably do to make a jack-o-lantern anyway. The hard part is pulling all of the seeds out of the guts. It can be time consuming, but the end result is worth it. I promise! Be sure to get them all. You will thank yourself later.
Lightly rinse the seeds, (a colander helps) leaving some of the pumpkin on them for extra flavor. Place in a bowl with melted butter and toss till coated. Spread seeds on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sea salt or regular salt to your taste. Bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes or so. Check them for browning and crisping, and you can toss them around once or twice during baking. Once slightly browned and crisp, remove and let cool. Dig in and enjoy this delightfully crisp, healthy snack. Be sure to check out a Halloween store nearby to help you with all your Halloween needs.

Trick or treating glendale

Glendale Trick or Treating Events

Trick or Treating Fun

Halloween is nearing and the excitement of trick-or-treating among children is growing. Just thinking of all those tasty treats can make the days go by so slow. But once your night of doorbell ringing is over, your wait will be well worth it.

First, head to a costume store near Glendale to find the perfect outfit for your Halloween activities. It’s usually easier for children to quickly run from door to door when they do not have a mask in the way that may block their view.  Using make-up ensures that your child can safely see all around them to watch for cars, or to be sure they do not trip over things.

Once your little monster is ready to head out, be sure they have adult supervision before going to collect treats. Whether you live in a neighborhood where you can walk from house to house, or you need to drive them around, be sure you have eye contact with your kids at all times. I like to head to a Halloween store near me to find glowing items or safety reflectors to keep my kids lit up for everyone to see. The best way to judge which houses are accepting trick-or-treaters is to check for porch lights. If the light is on, chances are they are waiting with a delicious bowl of candy to give out! Some people may not have a porch light, so they may use a garage light, or may want a dark scary theme to their doorway, so they may have other lighted decorations at the entrance way.

Make sure your kids either knock or ring a doorbell and be sure to have them yell “TRICK OR TREAT” as this is an exciting part for those giving out the treats. A “Happy Halloween” and “Thank You” are also nice afterwards.

Once back home, the fun begins. After the adults have checked for opened candies or things that they are not sure about, you can have a candy store swap. This is my children’s favorite part. They dump out their treasure and set up shops. They then perform trades to assure that everything they have is something they will love to eat. If you are lucky, there are things nobody likes and Mom or Dad can “trick-or-treat” to their kids and get all their unwanted treats. Luckily for me, mine do not like coconut or whoppers! Stop by the Halloween Store in Glendale for all your needs.

Make sure you have a safe and tasty Halloween!